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Evergreen villains tell Sunday MiD DAY how they lived the good life.

'Now there's always a how and why attached to the bad guy' - Prem Chopra

The meanest role I ever did

When I played villain, the roles were totally black. So to create more interest, I put in comical elements or sadism. My meanest roles were in Kaala Sona, Phool Bane Angare and Purab Paschim. The character's name that I really liked was Shambu in Kranti.

My family's reactions

My family always knew that I was just doing my job as an actor. I was a normal guy. Audiences reacting to me showed their acceptance of the actor. There's a lot of difference today - the public is more emancipated and see roles as performances.

How the villain has changed

Now heroes are playing negative roles and there's always a how and why attached to the bad guy. There were no reasons given before. But ever since Shah Rukh, Amitabh Bachchan or other heroes started playing bad characters, there are justifications.

Going from bad to good

At first, there was a certain curiosity because people felt that I had a hero's face. So I did play the romantic villain in between. A change had to take place. I got more emotional or comic roles (like the don in Dhamaal). Personally, I enjoy emotional roles - they give me a platform to perform.

The worst villain in history


My most endearing quality according to family/friends

My sense of humour. I can take a joke. I believe in laughing with people, not at them.

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